The Extended Legal Protection Plan

You face a wide variety of extraordinary threats and attacks in your service to keep your community safe. Unfortunately, those dangers are not limited to the streets that you patrol. Increasingly around the country, officers are finding themselves being targeted by ambitious prosecutors hoping to score political points and opportunistic civil attorneys eager to score a quick settlement—all because officers were doing their jobs. In the process, officers can find their reputations destroyed and personal finances ruined. This is totally unacceptable.

For example, a deputy was charged criminally for a fatal squad accident that occurred while responding to a fellow officer's calls for help. Though the deputy was ultimately acquitted, her legal defense costs reached nearly $200,000.

The ELPP is a comprehensive legal plan—

that you can’t afford not to have.


We are accepting enrollment into our pre-paid legal protection plan to fully cover all of your costs in legal matters that, while related to your employment, fall outside of your contract and the services that the WPPA otherwise provides.


  1. Under this optional supplemental plan, the WPPA will cover all of the costs in connection to the following types of legal matters that are not currently covered by your WPPA membership:​​​
    • Criminal defense in actions stemming from conduct performed in the capacity of a law enforcement officer;
    • Civil defense (e.g., civil rights claims) in actions stemming from conduct performed in the capacity of a law enforcement officer for which an officer’s employer does not provide representation;
    • Worker’s compensation cases; and​
    • Duty disability cases.
  2. This plan is only available to members in good standing.
  3. Each member must enroll in the ELPP on an individual basis, and online enrollment is available through this app and the WPPA’s online store. Local associations may pay for their members out of their treasuries, but the WPPA must receive a signed extended plan contract and the annual plan fee for each individual member.
  4. The annual fee for this extended legal plan is $72.
  5. The plan even covers outside (non-WPPA) attorneys that have been vetted and approved by the WPPA.

Assaults on officers in the line of duty and the violent crimes that often drive them, are on the rise in Wisconsin. So is the uninformed scrutiny and exploitative litigation that often follows your profession as you work to combat this incredibly challenging environment. The WPPA's Extended Legal Protection Plan was established to provide you and your families with a safety net of additional legal coverage to give you the peace of mind you need as you work to keep the peace in our communities.

As Wisconsin's largest law enforcement group, the WPPA recognizes the sacrifices that you and your families make, and we have been proud to serve our state’s law enforcement community in so many areas. We know that you deserve nothing less than the best, and we are excited to expand our ability to protect you and those who rely upon you.


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