The WPPA’s 2022 Endorsements for State Legislature and U.S. Senate

October 18, 2022

Using the WPPA’s cumulative legislative report card and the candidates’ responses to a questionnaire, the WPPA’s Board of Directors has elected to endorse the candidates listed below for state legislature. In the state senate, the board issued 11 endorsements consisting of 8 Republican candidates and 3 Democratic candidates. In the state assembly, the board endorsed a total of 75 candidates, consisting of 53 Republicans, 21 Democrats, and 1 Independent. In the race for the United States Senate, the WPPA endorsed Ron Johnson in his bid for reelection.


District | Name | Party

1|André Jacque (R)
3|Tim Carpenter (D)
9|Devin LeMahieu (R)
11|Steve Nass (R)
17|Howard Marklein (R)
21|Van Wanggaard (R)
23|Jesse James (R)
25|Romaine Quinn (R)
27|Dianne Hesselbein (D)
29|Bob Look (D)
33|Chris Kapenga (R)


District | Name | Party

1|Joel Kitchens (R)
2|Shae Sortwell (R)
3|Ron Tusler (R)
4|David Steffen (R)
6|Dean Neubert (R)
9|Marisabel Cabrera (D)
11|Dora Drake (D)
12|LaKeshia Myers (D)
13|Tom Michalski (R)
14|Robyn Vining (D)
15|Dave Maxey (R)
21|Jessie Rodriguez (R)
22|Janel Brandtjen (R)
24|Dan Knodl (R)
25|Paul Tittl (R)
26|Terry Katsma (R)
27|Chet Gerlach (I)
28|Gae Magnafici (R)
29|Clint Moses (R)
30|Shannon Zimmerman (R)
32|Tyler August (R)
33|Don Vruwink (D)
34|Rob Swearingen (R)
35|Calvin Callahan (R)
36|Jeffrey Mursau (R)
37|Maureen McCarville (D)
38|Barbara Dittrich (R)
39|Mark L. Born (R)
40|Kevin Petersen (R)
41|Alex Dallman (R)
42|Jon Plumer (R)
43|Marisa Voelkel (R)
45|Clint Anderson (D)
46|Melissa Ratcliff (D)
47|Jimmy Anderson (D)
49|Travis Tranel (R)
50|Tony Kurtz (R)
51|Todd Novak (R)
53|Michael Schraa (R)
55|Stefanie Holt (D)
56|Dave Murphy (R)
58|Rick Gundrum (R)
60|Robert Brooks (R)
62|Robert Wittke (R)
63|Robin J. Vos (R)
65|Tod Ohnstad (D)
65|Frank Petrick (R)
66|Greta Neubauer (D)
67|Rob Summerfield (R)
69|Donna M. Rozar (R)
70|Nancy VanderMeer (R)
71|Katrina Shankland (D)
72|Scott S. Krug (R)
74|John Adams (D)
75|David Armstrong (R)
77|Shelia Stubbs (D)
78|Lisa Subeck (D)
79|Alex Joers (D)
81|Dave Considine (D)
82|Chuck Wichgers (R)
85|Patrick Snyder (R)
86|John Spiros (R)
87|James Edming (R)
88|John Macco (R)
89|Elijah Behnke (R)
90|Kristina Shelton (D)
91|Jodi Emerson (D)
92|Treig Pronschinske (R)
93|Warren Petryk (R)
94|Steve Doyle (D)
95|Chris Woodard (R)
96|Loren Oldenburg (R)
97|Scott Allen (R)
98|Adam Neylon (R)
99|Cindi Duchow (R)



Ron Johnson (R)

Representing more than 11,000 members from over 300 local association-affiliates, the WPPA is Wisconsin’s largest law enforcement group. Our mission is to protect and promote public safety, as well as the interests of the dedicated men and women that serve to provide it. Comprised of active law enforcement officers from across the state, the WPPA’s Board of Directors is confident that it is supporting candidates that support that mission and the service of our law enforcement community. For more information, please feel free to contact WPPA Executive Director Jim Palmer at